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In memory of Robert "Bobcat" Lyons

October 25, 1910 - August 24, 1998

and Grandma Mil Lyons

July 17, 1916 - November 27, 2000

Bobcat was an avid collector of logging memorabilia that tells a lot of stories about his life as a logger. The picture at right shows the kinds of "blocks" he would hang in the tops of spar trees.

He packed an old cane pole
Across his shoulder through the woods
To the fishin' hole
I tried to keep up the best I could
He answered with love
All the questions of his little man
And he told me about life
In words I could understand

You've gotta roll up your sleeves
Put your back into your work, son
Always believe in the good Lord's ways
You've gotta hold your mouth right
When you're going for the big one
Once you get a line on love don't let it get away

-- John Michael Montgomery