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Winter in Western Washington isn't especially harsh, and we only dip below freezing a few times during the year. I open the cupboards and use an electric heater w/ thermostat at 60 to keep the trailer 45-50.

Behold, the Winterizer. This little gadget connects to your city water inlet and an air compressor to effectively "blow out" the lines in your trailer. I run about 70 lbs of pressure.

To build it, you'll need...

bulletMale Hose to FIP Adapter (3/4" to 1/2")
bulletMale Pipe to FIP Bushing (1/2" x 1/4")
bullet1/4" ball valve
bulletMale compressor fitting w/ male threads


  1. Run water pump until empty
  2. Open drain petcocks and remove hot water rod
  3. Pressurize with air and begin blowing out lines
  4. Bleed pressure, and close petcocks/anode rod
  5. Pressurize with the Winterizer, and work through the faucets/toilet until just air comes out
  6. Bleed pressure, open petcocks/anode rod
  7. Using my air mattress inflator, I wrap a sock around the hose and blow out the drains
  8. Pour antifreeze down the drains, and blow again
  9. Pressurize fresh lines with air again