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Northwest Youth Ski Retreat '99

48 people from the Seattle, Spokane and Calgary areas spent a fun-filled weekend at Ashnola Adventure Ranch for fellowship and ministry, and hit the slopes at Apex for some great skiing and snowboarding!

The bible study for the weekend was in Colossians 3:1-9.

Put on the new wardrobe.

Set your affection on things above.

What things above? Truth, Life, Righteousness, Purity, Holiness, Love, Faith, Compassions, Lovingkindness, Faithfulness, Care, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Redemption, Goodness, Peace, Joy.





Hector gets us started

Everyone finds their shoes during one of the many games.


Linda points out the slackers in the crowd...


Patiently awaiting FOOD!


And Amos has worked up an appetite.

Let's head to the ski slopes --->