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Dining in Enumclaw...

Part of the charm of the plateau is the variety of unique dining. Oh sure, you can get some fast food, but it doesn't compare to the friendly folks who warmly greet you at several of our area restaurants that we frequent. There isn't a rating system or any particular order--it's just what you're in the mood for. And leave your tie at home...

The best restaurants in Enumclaw...

Cafe Panini

Located in downtown Enumclaw on Griffin between Cole and Wells, Cafe Panini serves homemade panini (grilled) sandwiches along with fresh salads and delicious pies from the Sweet Shoppe in Buckley. Your best bet is the "Sweet Special", which is 1/2 sandwich, salad and 1/2 slice of pie, but you'll be full. Open for lunch until 4:00.

Cynthia's Pony Express Cafe

Located in downtown Enumclaw on Griffin and Wells, Cynthia's is a great homestyle restaurant. If you're there for breakfast, get a muffin.

410 Cafe

Located on Hwy 410 in Buckley at the Wilkeson turnoff, 410 has a similar menu to C.J.'s with some more interesting specials. Dishes include more prepared seafood, and very large salads!


The Black Diamond Bakery

If you're going to head that far north, the Black Diamond Bakery is quite a treat for breakfast or just coffee and cinnamon rolls.

Armondo's (Downtown Renton)

Their motto of " hungry?" won't last long once you're there.

The Velvet Goose (Kent East Hill)

Housed in the Carriage House antique mall, it's great for breakfast or lunch. Tell Elizabeth we sent you.

Prime Time Cafe (downtown Auburn)

They're open again - down by Emerald Downs. A great cafe with generous helpings.