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Ham Radio
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I'm not as much of a HAM nut as some folks, but there are some cool things out there.

Sound Radio Products
Jay at Sound Radio Products is a great guy to buy things from. Probably not any cheaper than the big mail-order places, but he's local.

Oh is THIS cool or what? Download the software, register with your callsign, then you're ready to be out on the air via the Internet. A great demo of voice-over-IP, too, since the audio works great even at 28.8! There are many HAMs, though, that argue this isn't true ham radio, and I can see their point...
CallSign Server
The folks at someplace have a great database from the FCC.
Repeater Database
If you're looking for a repeater, the ArtSci database is a good place to start.
I haven't played much with amateur packet (APRS), but with you can see where any APRS-enabled HAM is.
WA License Plates
Vehicle license plates with your callsign are available from the Department of Licensing via the Specialized License Plate Application

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