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Volume 1
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Derry's Humor Archive 1

Things To Make You Smile

Not an exhaustive list, but I'll keep adding. If you don't have a sense of humor, please hit the BACK button.

Police officers with radar guns make me nervous, but they can get into trouble, too.

Who's smarter? The engineer or the mathematician? Take a train trip and find out!

Criminals can be so dumb.

Do you ever complain about other drivers? Take a peek at some real answers from driving school.

Have you ever tried to use a $2 bill for a purchase? Why don't people believe it's real cash?

You just might need a bit of entertainment the next time you're riding an elevator.

If you liked the Redneck story, be sure to find out about being a High Tech Redneck.

If you ever go skiing, you can see the darnedest things on the slopes

If you liked the Rolls Royce/Granada story, be sure to read about the new Turbo Beep Beep.

As any good physics student would tell you, be careful playing with ropes and bricks. [Painful]

No more technical terms! See the best lists of computer jargon and computerese terms I've seen yet!

For aspiring lawyers, ponder over this bizarre death. [PG - This is a FORENSICS story]

Many people like collecting those little bars of hotel soap during their stay. [This is TRUE and HILARIOUS!]

When evaluating college courses, keep these comments in mind.

Hey Kids! Do ya like Steven Wright? Be sure you've had your caffeine before pondering the wrightisms and more wrightisms (PG). Many of these are original lines from Rod Schmidt (

High school students and science are a bad combination

Ever felt intimidated by a job interview?

What's in a name?

Remember the Grey Poupon commercials? (G)

Have you experienced parenthood?

Every been stumped while writing an absence excuse note for your kids? [PG]

Do you have a whale to get rid of? (gross, but funny)

How are a computer and coffee pot similar?

Now that we've been swept by O.J. mania, see what's happening in other courtrooms around the nation.

Ever thought of automating your home? This might make you think twice...

Kent is often referred to as a redneck town. (Not as bad as Enumclaw, where I live.) Jeff Foxworthy's "You Might Be A Redneck..."

Ever wonder where the names for computer viruses come from?

Ever get repeated phone calls asking for a person who doesn't live with you?

The annual Darwin award has a very strong nomination. (sad, but peculiar)