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Tax Dollars At Work
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I have just finished reading the 14 volume US Budget, agreed upon Friday, October 16th by the House and Senate Committees, and approved by the White House.

These items approved in the Budget received no recognition by the politicians taking TV bows, and congratulating each other, on camera:

$240,000 grant for development of a two-headed Stethoscope.

$615,000 for renovation of a skating rink in Plattsburg, NY.

$26,500 grant for improving the packaging of fly paper.

$112,350 for brass polish for Marine Corps band servicing the White House.

$84,425 printing allocation for posters to commemorate Bernard W. Trencher, the first settler of Muskegon Heights, MI.

$7,200,000 refund of a fine paid by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, in connection with their admission of dumping bunker oil at sea, off the Florida coast.

$1,200,000 special allocation to the Dept. of Agriculture to commence a feasibility study of commercial applications of peach seeds.

$836,000 travel and expense allocation for the Ormond Group to conduct a Leprosy Mission to India.

$520,000 grant to Tufts University to develop a program of retraining, and healing of injuries related to ballet performers.

$312,500 for a sculpture and memorial tablet of Princess Diana, to be erected in Lake Ozark, Missouri.

$4,850,000 grant to Booz, Allen & Hamilton, Inc. to study the possibility of setting up a central Email system for rural Post Offices.

$770,000 grant to the College of the Pacific to study the effects of the 1994 devaluation of the Mexican peso, and it's effect on the US ball bearing industry.

$2,075,000 to establish The Skateboard Hall of Fame in Palo Alto, CA.

$425,000 special allocation to the Smithsonian to purchase the baseball hit by Babe Ruth as his 60th home run.

$3,000,000 allocation to the District of Columbia to promote a Miss District of Columbia Pageant in year 2000.

$6,700,000 grant awarded to Medi-Care First Corp. to study the feasibility of reusable elastic stockings.

$5,325,000 allocation to the National Institute of Health to study alcohol consumption on college campuses.

$14,000,000 special grant to the Dominican Republic as hurricane relief.

$12,600 to replace the waffle irons in the Congressional dining room.

......and an interesting $3.5 BILLION rescue of Long-Term Capital Markets, L.P., a private hedge fund limited partnership based in Greenwich, CT.

Hey... it's only your tax money... not mine.