John 17 Here we are eavesdropping on something precious. Christ is in a unique relationship. We are brought in so we can call God our Father. The disciples never prayed together, but could take things to Christ, and He to the Father. Thank God we don't need a special time or place to pray, but times to pray together are very special. Eternal life - As a child, heaven was singing, but spending eternity on the hard pew benches didn't sound fun. To know thee (v. 3) - intimate - not just know about, but know. Disciples get to hear Him pray about them. Not about Peter denying Him, not about disciples deserting Him, no blame. Manifested named to Love gift of the Father (v. 6) Galatians 1:3 - Gave Himself to deliver us out of the present evil world. Came out - 17:6 - men out of the world 17:8 - Separate, don't straddle 16:30 - I am glorified in them (v. 10) - Numbers ____ - God presents his people not showing their failure to Balaam. Praying for those who will believe on the disciples word. (v. 20) Intimicy & casual among believers, God has his place, even to his Son (Holy Father) (v. 11) John was the youngest disciple, lived to about 100 A.D., writes after seeing things come among God's people. His gospel was written after the others were finished. Not of the world - Not of the world from the beginning, and also rejected of men. (v. 16) One - true, but we have failed to show this practically. Still "separate from evil" - don't pit scriptures against each other. Faith is agift of God, but He appreciates those who believe in his Son - how precious!
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