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1 Thes 4:13-18

1) We believe - appropriate it to ourselves

a) Doesn't want us ignorant, but to be wise with respect to the things of God (Consider Luke 24 - two on the road to Emmaus)

b) Sorrow not - Thessalonians sorrow came from ignorance (lack of knowledge)

c) Hope

d) Jesus died and rose again - (Gal 1: He died for our sins, so how can we be rescued from this present worry. Rom 4:25)


2) God never sees us apart from the Lord Jesus (here in this world, or departed saints)


Col 2:12 - Buried with Him

Col 2:20 - Dead with Him

Col 3:1 - Risen with Him

Col 3:3 - Hid with Him

Col 3:4 - Appear with Him


3) Asleep in Jesus (v. 13, 14, 15)

Christians don't die, just fall asleep in Christ.

2 Tim 1:9 - He destroyed death - Christ died, didn't just sleep

Lazarus was "asleep"


4) Fell asleep through Jesus

Much like a mother laying a child down to sleep, our lives aren't in the government's hands, not in man's hands, but in God's hands. (Heb 4:13)


5) By the word of the Lord (v. 15)


6) Unto the coming of the Lord

Coming should be a surprise, we expect him just as Paul did (chap. 5)

Comes to Christians as a bridegroom, not as a thief (5:2)


7) Shall not precede them that are asleep

Don't worry about the saints who have gone to be with the Lord, they won't miss out, they'll be first

"Every second counts" - Paul was envious


8) The Lord Himself

Not a delegate, envoy, representative - just Him!


9) Caught Up Together

Snatched up violently - Mat 11, Acts ??

Air is Satan's stronghold


10) We will ever be with the Lord