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BACK TO GOD - 10/5/97

1 Pet 3:38? - Christ brings us back to God.

Luke 15:22-24

- Celebrate the coming home of the son with the finest feast.

- As we pass the cross, we realize our sinful condition. As we look back to the cross, we see our sins left there. (Can we see beyond the cross? Why would we want to?)

- Christ died so we could go back to God.

Leviticus 7:11-18, 28-32

- Each has their part - God, sacrifice, priest

- Unleavened cakes with oil - Christ's life

- Leavened bread - once baked, the leaven is killed - believers have the old nature killed

- Voluntary offering (v. 16) same day

Deuteronomy 26:

- PREPARATION - fruit from God, of the land.

- Could eat of the offering the 2nd day speaks of Mary annointing with myrrh - all who were there went out with the smell

- Third day - could no longer eat - no longer fresh

- v. 28 - Bring with your own hands - the Lord delights in whatever we bring!

- Breast - speaks of affection - how we should wave our affections before the Lord

- Shoulder - speaks of strength - Christ did the work