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What is the role of the Holy Spirit today? - 9/29/97


Joshua 2: (Rahab & the spies) is an example of the teaching in John 16:7-15

Jericho symbolizes strength of things in life between us & God.

2 spies symbolize Holy Spirit - messengers - elevated (to the roof), as is God's truth.

Flax wasn't in a pile--it was in order--order makes linen, such as the bride in Revelation in the clothing of righteousness.

1 Tim 3: - Dependence on the Lord, subjection to the head

Red cord - a bug pressed itself against so tightly against a board to lay its eggs that it bled. Color was extracted from the board.


Window & Door

- Looked out the window to see the army of God & felt safe because of the promise.

- Colossians 3:1-3 also speaks of the window

- Those coming through the door would be saved (v. 19)