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LED OUT - 4/6/97

Mark 8:22-26

- Jesus leading the man out (tenderness)

- Blindness caused by sin

- Spit - contempt for sin

- Led him out of Bethsaida (otherwise, people would think the city saves)

- Bethsaida means "house of provision or nets" - worldly provisions will trap ("net") you.

- Don't tell people now - salvation is personal


Mark 15:15-20 - Man led Jesus out, and spit upon him


Luke 24:50-53 - Resurrected Jesus led them

- Bethany - house of affliction


John 10:1-5 - Leads out believers individually, then as a flock

- Only one to take them out of the sheepfold is the one who put them in.

- Syrian shepherd who named his sheep. American could say the name, but only the Syrian could get a response. (Mary Magdalene with Jesus, thinking he was the gardener.)