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"[ed] the scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so." - Acts 17:4
Gospelcom's Online Bible Gateway is a quick way to look at a passage of Scripture, and here are also some other ministry links.


Absolute Mathematical Proofs (HTML)
Come see the AMAZING numerical proofs in the Bible. As one writer puts it, "The Scripture discloses itself as a parchment which, when held up to the light, reveals the autograph of its Maker." (If you enjoy this type of reading, I would recommend The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin, too.)

God's True Ground (HTML)
God calls us to meet together as one body, and this short article looks at many of the factors that creep in and prevent that gathering. Looking at the chart, I think of it as a mountain. At the top, there is true peace and blessing, but all of these factors are trying to pull us "off the mountain". And sliding around trying to climb back up doesn't make for any easier of a climb - that's by God's grace.

Marriage and the Christian (HTML)
A short pamphlet looking at the meaning of marriage for the Christian and considerations to be reviewed.

Old Bondage and New Service (HTML)
An article by W.J. Hocking about sin, it's relationship to grace, and how we as Christians are to respond.

Liberty of the Spirit in the Lord's Supper (HTML)
A look at how the Holy Spirit desires to guide believers during the worship meeting.

Assembly Distinctives (MS Word document)
Some characteristics of how our assembly meets and the scriptural basis for those desires. (Also An Explanation as to the Remembrance Of The Lord.)


Much of the ministry given by the saints of God has been very precious and profitable. These brief and incomplete notes are my personal jottings from brethren who have ministered the Word. This is mainly for my reference, but I'm willing to share. I would NEVER want a few web pages to take the place of the ministry gift God has given to the Church!

Glorious Things Looking at just a few of the glorious things of God
Till I Come What are we to do until the Lord Jesus comes?
Feed My Sheep Verses and thoughts on feeding His sheep
Trust In Christ A short poem of encouragement
Thoughts of Comfort Thoughts of comfort in our standing with the Lord
Back To God Drawing our hearts back to God
Role of the Holy Spirit What role does the Holy Spirit have today?
Baptism What does baptism mean?
Breaking Bread Just a couple of verses on breaking bread
Death What does death mean to the believer?
Resurrection Some verses dealing with resurrection
Led Out Some examples of scripture where the Lord "led out"
Voting Is it scriptural to vote in a public election?
A Few Of God's Alls When God says all, He means ALL
Mouth Of God What has been uttered by the mouth of God?
The Judge Well-known story of the judge who paid his son's fine
Books of the Old Testament A neat way to group them for easy memorization

If you find these notes helpful, I would love to hear from you!


Books that you'll find on my bookshelf that I would highly recommend!

The Incomparable Christ, J. Oswald Sanders

Classic Christianity / Growing in Grace, Bob George

Strong's Concordance, and Vines Dictionary

A Shepherd Looks at the 23rd Psalm, Strength of Soul et. al, Philip Keller

Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret, by Hudson Taylor et. al.

On Becoming A Servant Leader, by Robert Greenleaf