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Derry Lyons - (

Systems/Data Architect

Duties and Projects

In my current role as Systems/Data Architect, I am responsible for the planning, documentation and integrity of the Kent School District's central data servers. Predominantly, UNIX systems with Oracle databases, they are the powerful workhorses behind out Information Technology Department.

For the past five years, I have been responsible for coordinating development on the Kent School District World Wide Web server. Some of the major projects I have designed/developed are:
Teacher's Toolbox
Most other professionals have tools, so why not our teachers? We needed a metaphor to organize the tools on our intranet, as well as links to external resources helpful to educators
Staff Development Registration
Being an Oracle shop, it seemed natural to build a staff development system in Oracle and use the web to register and cancel from classes, and provide staff with transcripts of classes taken.
Long before URLminder, we needed a way to draw people back to our web site when new and exciting changes were made. InformAGENT was designed to notify people by e-mail of new web changes, cancelled sporting events, and weekly lunch menus.
Calendar of Events
Schools have calendars for everything - meetings, sports, club activities, vacations, staff training classes. This program was customized to meet specific district needs, and tie with InformAGENT.
Print Shop Tracking
Improving the tracking of print shop jobs, providing immediate status of jobs via the web, and improving internal billing processes are just a few of the benefits of the Oracle-based KSD tracking system.
Mileage Manager
A great little tool to keep track of mileage for your travel reimbursement!

Experience and Skills

  • Various flavors of UNIX (SunOS, DEC UNIX, AIX)
  • Relational Databases (Oracle, Access, 4th Dimension)
  • Programming Languages (Perl, Pascal, Shell)
  • Supervision of computer interns
  • Coordination of 40+ web developers
  • Staff Training (Internet, E-Mail, Graphics, Relational Databases, CGI)

Employment History


Staff Training


Personal Awards

Corporate Awards

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