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Great Places To Hike!
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If hiking out of Greenwater, spend a few minutes at Wapiti Woolies. They have some cool apparel and make wonderful espresso with homemade chocolate whipped cream! (Ask for the Mountain Mudslide!)

Most times are based from Enumclaw or Greenwater (30 minutes from Enumclaw).


Greenwater Lakes
bulletDirections: Greenwater, FS-70 past 7031 to trailhead marker
bulletTime: 30 minutes past Greenwater
bulletTrail Length (one way): 2 miles (to Greenwater Lakes, 7 miles to Echo Lake)
bulletHiking Time (one way): 45 minutes
bulletUsage: High
A fast-moving hike on a forested trail, you will cross the river a few times and be near the sound of rushing water. Be sure to enjoy the rock formations that overhang the river. The first lake is a hidden treasure of preserved nature. The thick green beaches, dark green depths of the lake surrounded by trees is spectacular.

Tipsoo Lake
bulletDirections: Hwy 410 to Chinook Summit
bulletTime: 40 minutes past Greenwater
bulletTrail Length (one way): unknown - makes a loop
bulletHiking Time (one way):
bulletUsage: High
An alpine lake with spectacular views of Mt. Rainier, this is a fairly flat trail that makes a wonderful day hike. Many places to have lunch along the trail, and the cool temperature makes it a great getaway on a hot summer day.
Divide Ridge/Huckleberry Mtn
bulletDirections: FS-70 to 7010, top of hill, left on spur to end, trailhead unmarked.
Going right at top of hill will eventually come to a marked trailhead going east, but road may not be suitable for autos. Can also access from 7125 (Slippery Creek).
bulletTime: 45 minutes from Greenwater
bulletTrail Length (one way): several miles
bulletHiking Time (one way): varies
bulletUsage: Rare
A well-kept secret, especially for motorcycles. Since you'll follow a ridge, there are many hills. In late summer, you can treat yourself to fresh huckleberries on the trail. Several hidden meadows, fragrant plants and flowers. The scenery does get a bit thick toward the west end of the trail.

Mowich Lake
bulletDirections: Buckley, Hwy 165 to end of FS-79 (take the right fork before ranger station)
bulletTime: 90 minutes from Enumclaw
bulletTrail Length (one way): __ to falls, __ to Spray Park
bulletHiking Time (one way): unknown
bulletUsage: High
A popular place for summer hiking, as you can hike to the falls for an easy hike or continue on to Spray Park for more of a challenge.
Kelly Butte
bulletDirections: FS-70 to 7030 follow to the end (left at top of hill, stay left, then right. Take spur to the left at end of 7030 and trailhead is not marked.)
bulletTime from Greenwater: 60 minutes
bulletTrail Length (one way): 1.3 miles
bulletHiking Time (one way): 1 hr, 15 minutes up, 45 minutes down
bulletUsage: Rare
You will start by climbing a rock, using a cable to get up the first 30 feet, then take off upward (total altitude gain of 800 ft.) that takes you to an abandoned fire watch tower. During the climb, you can look back toward Mt. Rainier and to the town of Lester (Green River watershed). The wildflowers are beautiful in early spring!

Mt. Peak (Enumclaw)
bulletDirections: From the Safeway & McDonalds on Roosevelt (Hwy 410), take the road south until it ends, turn left on Warner Ave, turn right on 276th Ave SE, and the trailhead will be at the curve in the road.
bulletTrail Length (one way) 1.1 miles, elevation climb of 1,000 feet.
bulletHiking time: About 1 hr, 15 minutes each way.
bulletUsage: Very popular
Probably the most used walking are in Enumclaw, since it gives such a good workout. There is really no scenery to speak of, so don't get excited about a view from the top, although the foundation of the old fire tower still exists.

Others to work on: Christine Falls -- Mt. Rainier Carbon River Ranger Station to washout
Crystal lakes (off 410)
Sunrise - Deb & Shel
Sol Duc - Hurricane Ridge