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Enumclaw Drivers
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THE ENUMCLAW COURIER-HERALD combined with the Buckley News Banner

Wednesday, September 23, 1998 page A-2



Buckley - Reckless Driving

A 79-year old Tacoma woman was cited for reckless driving Friday after passing several cars and tailgating on Highway 410.

The woman, who was driving in a 1979 Buick Regal, reportedly was tailgating an Enumclaw woman, who decided to pull into the Aqua Jet Car Wash on Highway 410 to avoid the 79-year-old, according to a report. But as the Enumclaw woman was turning into the business, the 79-year-old passed her on the right.

The Enumclaw woman then reported watching the other driver tailgate two or three other cars and pass them in a no-pass zone on Highway 410, making cars heading in the opposite direction move onto the shoulder. She also passed several cars stopped at the intersection of Jefferson Avenue and Highway 410 on the shoulder.

The Tacoma woman then took a right onto Main Street and parked the wrong way and with two wheels on the sidewalk at the senior center. The woman told police that she knew she was speeding, but she was late for a pinochle game at the center.