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Welcome to YPG
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*** Welcome to another new niece, Elise Ashley Zimmer, born June 20, 2006! ***

*** Welcome to our new niece, Kylee Ann Lyons, born April 23, 2006! ***

WELCOME! I'm glad you found us, tucked away in our own little corner of the web. Don't let the buttons above fool you, there's a wealth of content, especially in Humor and Ministry! If you're into trailers and camping, be sure to visit the RV Page for some great info!

And just what exactly is "YPG"? It comes from my HAM radio callsign, N7YPG. There are just too many Derrys in the world...

So this is the Web 1.0 web site... I'm slowly migrating to Web 2.0 tools, so for my most recent activities, visit: --

My EdTech Blog -

Accepting the Lord Jesus as your Personal Saviour is a true/false question. The due date is SOON. There is no late work and no EXCUSES. It's not multiple choice, either. And trust me, FALSE is NOT the right answer.

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Derry Lyons
Ham Callsign: N7YPG
Enumclaw, WA, USA