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<< forwards wondering about their dashboard radar detectors... >>

[forwards off the radar screen]

A snippet spotted in Pilot Magazine and entered in Bike Magazine:

The article was entitled "In a hurry are we, sir?" ( British Police Wit).

Two members of the Lothian and Borders traffic police  were out on the
Berwickshire moors with a radar gun recently, happily engaged in
apprehending speeding motorists, when their equipment suddenly locked-up
completely with an unexpected reading of well over 300 mph.  The mystery was
explained seconds later as a low flying Harrier hurtled over their heads.
The boys in blue, upset at the damage to their radar gun, put in a complaint
to the RAF, but were somewhat chastened when the RAF pointed out that the
damage might well have been more severe. The Harrier's target-seeker had
locked on to the 'enemy' radar and triggered an automatic retaliatory
air-to-surface missile attack. Luckily(?) the Harrier was operating unarmed.