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Volume 4
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Derry's Humor Page, volume 4!

Welcome to yet another edition of things to make you smile! What started as a collection of fun stuff is now a legacy that keeps growing. I need to give credit to Mark, Jack, Buzz, Gayle, Nancy and many others who keep us laughing. It makes the day so much better!. :)

And if this is your first time here, or you need a good reminiscent laugh, be sure to visit volume 1, volume 2, and volume 3.

Two stories that touch the heart more than the funny bone:

To make the world a better place, we should all show Acts of Kindness

The famous story -- Attitude is Everything

Now, on to the funny stuff:

The celebraton of 51 Days.

If you're going to be hip in the 90s (well, what's left of it), you'd better learn the lingo.

As I'm writing this on an airplane, some comments about airlines.

The experiement of the apes, er programmers?

Do you like bungee jumping?

There are many difficult things in life, including giving your cat medicine.

Some non-denominational church humor.

You may qualify to join certain clubs.

A story about some contractors and some government workers.

As we've seem before, people do the dumbest things.

What does tech support for an Etch A Sketch involve?

Instead of cryptic error messages, perhaps we can rewrite them in haiku.

In the quest for human superiority, we must sometimes pit man vs. raccoon.

Not just dumb headlines, not just dumb things, but the mega moron awards.

More headlines from around the world.

Things you wouldn't know were possible without the movies.

Life is full of oxymorons.

Some helpful tips for filling out those performance reviews.

Rednecks are always being poked fun at, so we'll continue with redneck tech terms and etiquette.

How is your relationship going? Take this simple test.

Say, what ya got in the Thermos?

Oh, be sure to read the instructions?