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Volume 2
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New Humor!


Welcome! Do we have a treat for you! More funnies than you can shake a stick at!

Don't despair, volume 1 is still available.

Ever wondered what would happen if the tax deductions for your children were DISALLOWED?

Planning on robbing a bank? Please do better than these guys...

Shopping for fathers day? Here are some tools you should think about. Perhaps some tool terms will help out.

Nostalgia for people in their mid-20's

What holds the universe together? Just ask these elementary school students.

Feeling a little out of shape? Join a health club!

When navigating the high seas, some things just aren't flexible.

Darn kids. Like smashin' mailboxes, do ya?

Whether you're a hotshot or slope-phobic, take a look at the skier's dictionary.

Always look on the bright side of things -- life is good.

Ever wonder what criteria us guys use to select our clothing?


Are you really a man? Take the male quiz to find out.

Rita Rudner has some amazing and scary insights on men.