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Volume 6
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Derry's Humor Pages

Volume 6 -- Can you believe it?

Hmmm...let's see what we can do to get a chuckle out of you...

Only in America

The cowboy's guide to life

And you thought the Y2K hype was bad

Try the new chocolate diet

Signs you work in corporate america, and some things to think about at work

As though you didn't have enough to think about

So you want to take my daughter on a date?

Some ideas from Dilbert

So who wins the fight? The doberman or chihuahua? And what about changing light bulbs?

Christmas letters from Martha and Erma

Careful when you escape from prison

Hey, there's a proof for everything!

If you thought the IRS was difficult, try applying for a loan

Do you want to switch long distance companies?

And we DO appreciate our mothers

If you read the Bible, you know who God is

Real questions on the Iams pet food help line (and do these folks need HELP)

Oh what has Dan Quayle started?

Some puns and insightful quotes

This CERTAINLY wins quote of the year

More tales from the tech support trenches

Coming soon to a wedding near you

They put up signs for a reason

One way to get out of a speeding ticket, but don't get smart with the officer

Patriotism is to be admired, but be careful with that trombone

Are you from the North or South?

As always, I would like to give credit to the original authors of any work here (not your uncle Louie who told the joke aroud the campfire), and apologize in advance for any copyright infringement that might arise.